CBD and Neuroplasticity

Pain relief, improved immune function, reduced anxiety – all of these are acknowledged as beneficial effects of Hemp Oil and the CBD it contains.

As more and more benefits of Cannabidiol, or CBD, emerge, one possible effect continues to confound scientists and researchers – does Hemp Oil have any effect on the brain’s ability to adapt and create? Can CBD help us learn?

Some research indicates Yes!

CBD does offer the body unique neuroprotectant benefits, including protection of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The neurons and neural pathways in our body’s CNS are protected by an insulative covering called the myelin sheath; CBD can help regenerate this important substance.

While this effect directly benefits people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it could be affecting all of us in more subtle ways. CBD and it’s endogenous analogue, 2-AG, both require essential fatty acids in their formation, and CBD’s fat soluble properties mean it can easily strengthen other systems, like the Central Nervous System, that depend on fatty acids for preservation.

When the CNS and it’s neurons are well insulated, neurotransmission gets more efficient, more highly conductive, and better synchronized. The pathways that are so critical for brain function and learning become healthy and strong.

Perhaps even more significantly, CBD operates as an intelligent modulator of the same synaptic neurons that are responsible for creating new neural pathways in the brain. CBD may aid in the ‘wiring in’ of these new pathways by helping other systems signal demand. This is especially important in the hippocampus, where the Endocannabinoid System’s activity has been shown to increase in response to stimuli. This area of the brain, in turn, facilitates associative learning by its communication with other memory centers.

Think of it this way – when the brain is stimulated to think on a deeper, more dynamic level, CB1 and CB2 receptors help announce the challenge, and CBD helps fulfill it’s bioelectric demands.

CBD can also increase our periodicity of perception, allowing us to take in more information per unit of time. With more points of perception comes more points of possible change. This shift in data collection can lead to increased awareness, faster generation of ideas, and greater on-demand creativity. Our research of this phenomenon is in it’s formative stages, but many people who use Hemp Oil do report an increased perception of life around them.

Then again… some research indicates no.

In some short term studies, cannabis appeared to slow the creation of new neural pathways, and instead bolstered the health of existing pathways by helping insulate the myelin sheath.

While this indicated that short-term use of CBD may not be beneficial to neuroplasticity, it also indicated that cumulative CBD use can protect neurons and increase their conductivity, thus preserving the ability of these neurons to change and adapt in the long run.

To Summarize:

CBD likely aids the brain in creating new neural pathways, especially when it comes to long-term neurotransmitter health. If you’re interested in boosting your brain’s capacity for adaptation and learning, consider taking a CBD-rich Hemp Oil supplement! If consistently taken, CBD’s neuroprotective qualities could allow you to learn and and create more efficiently.

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