Medical Hemp Program Rolling Out

Integrated Hemp Solutions is excited to announce the arrival of its Medical Hemp Program.

 The IHS Medical Hemp Program is the first of it’s kind in the Southeast. We’ve integrated Physician Approved, Lab Certified Hemp products and educational opportunities into the medical paradigm. This education allows those taking Hemp to take it effectively and experience full success. 

 Our Program is designed around the patient. By providing ongoing patient surveys, building a hemp referral system, and offering in person consultations, we strive to quantify the health effects of Hemp supplementation. This biofeedback strengthens our collective understanding of the Hemp plant and allows us to further refine our products. 

 We are patient advocates, as well, and offer a unique financial program for those who find Hemp products cost prohibitive. Often these people have already spent so much in an effort to get well – so this assistance allows them to try something much more likely to help!

 Because patients are at the heart of our mission, the Physicians who treat them are deserving of a special consideration, too. Our Medical Hemp Program features in depth Hemp education, a knowledgeable team happy to consult with Physicians, and an online member Portal for ongoing education. We also present Physicians the opportunity to carry Hemp products in their Practices, if they feel that would be helpful to their patients. So far, our Program Partners are loving it!

 When it comes to ongoing education, special events with our founder Dr. James Taylor ensure our community stays up to date.

Look out for Hemp celebrations and teaching classes, as well as medical conferences we’re participating in. Together, we are committed to raising Hemp awareness in North Carolina.

For more info on our Medical Hemp Program, visit our Hemp Farmacy / Integrated Hemp Solutions Store in Southern Pines. Alternatively, call 910-684-4002 or email us at and we’ll be in touch soon.

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