ECG is a large scale hemp genetics company, that has obtained the sole distribution rights on the Eastern US to the Cherrywine variety. Cherrywine is a high CBD hemp genetic that is the top performing genetic in NC. ECG has obtained foundation seed, this means that the variety has not been bread down to a point where all the plants have very similar characteristics. This foundation seed provides ECG 9+ phenotypes which resemble 9+ different hemp strains. ECG can then define the phenotypes, looking at plant structure, CBD and Cannabinoid Content, Flowering Cycles, and natural Pest Resistance. This is a very important part of a genetics company, it allows us the ability to breed different phenotypes to further develop plants with the characteristics found to be advantageous.


East Coast Genetics has secured the broad licensing and breading rights to the OG Cherry Wine strain as well as other potential high cbd variety hemp genetics. We have secured East Coast and West Coast breeding partners to help bring the best genetics possible to the East Coast states.

We are establishing distribution partners throughout NC, SC and VA. We maintain a genetics library and research and test phenotypes to deliver you premium mother plants for Spring Cloning. This keeps genetics strong and reduces overhead, due to the seasonal demand of clones.

We also are are developing feminized seed from the Cherry Wine OG strain and will have seeds available for greenhouse planting and growing for seasonal starts.