Has your life – or that of your friends or family members – been transformed by hemp? Do you have a passion for all things health and wellness? Do you want to be involved in the hemp industry?

This year alone, more than 60,000 people will die because of opioid misuse. Patients who require opioid medication to manage their pain are growing more concerned about their safety every day and are asking their doctors to explore hemp and other options to reduce their dependence on these potentially dangerous medications.

The success we have seen with hemp therapy and the resulting reduction in opioid use among our own patients has inspired Integrated Hemp Solutions to recruit and train a network of sales personnel to go out and educate as many consumers as possible on our hemp-based  products. We provide a safe, convenient and informative way for patients to better understand their treatment options and procure the proper hemp therapy for their specific conditions.

Our Hemp Educator Program is designed for people with a passion for hemp. Whether you have worked in healthcare before or never at all, this program is a great opportunity if you want to help others and generate supplemental income as an independent contractor within our organization. Patients are looking for alternatives to opioids, so now is the time to introduce safe new alternatives and educate the mainstream on the many benefits of cannabinoids and how it can help treat certain conditions.

Who Should Join? 

The Hemp Educator Program is an excellent opportunity for people who want to help others achieve a better quality of life and be a part of the Industrial Hemp Revolution.

We are looking for people who:

  • are passionate about hemp and advocates of cannabinoid therapy
  • want to have an impact on society
  • are inspired to harness their knowledge and experience to successfully generate revenue

The Hemp Educator Program is designed to educate health care providers, patients and the community on the benefits of cannabinoids and hemp. Using education as our foundation, we offer a way for entrepreneurial-minded people to get in on the ground floor of this growing industry and generate immediate revenue opportunities.

We provide our sales professionals with training and education on the hemp industry and Phytocannabinoid nutraceuticals, allowing them to successfully and confidently enter the wholesale hemp marketplace. We also provide ongoing support and training programs through virtual platforms and social media as a foundation for their success.

How to sign up?