Many patients today are asking their doctors about CBD, a plant-based phytonutrient that is a safe and harmless alternative to addictive and dangerous opioids. We encourage medical practitioners to consider replacing prescription medications with CBD/hemp in an effort to reduce patient dependence on opioids.

Integrated Hemp Solutions is a physician-led organization that understands, studies and recommends hemp-based CBD therapies that have been tested on hundreds of patients in our partner pain management clinics. After seeing the amazing results of CBD/hemp in our own patients, we started the Medical Hemp Program to raise awareness and provide other medical practices with an easy and established way to integrate CBD/hemp into their protocols. The Medical Hemp Program provides both high quality hemp products and the ongoing educational support that is necessary for optimal treatment using CBD/hemp.

Our Medical Hemp Program is designed for doctors, healthcare professionals and medical practitioners who are interested in learning more about the endocannabinoid system and how to talk to patients about CBD/hemp to treat a number of conditions, including pain, arthritis, sleep, anxiety, focus, inflammation and general health and wellness.

Sign up for the Medical Hemp Program if you:

  • have patients who are asking questions about using CBD/hemp as treatment for specific conditions;
  • wish to provide your patients with information on the healing capabilities of CBD/hemp oil;
  • want to start offering CBD therapies to your patients that is tested and trusted by doctors and patients;
  • want wholesale pricing options for CBD products and convenient delivery options for you and your patients;
  • want to receive ongoing educational support, including updated information on CBD/hemp therapies, treatments and results, dosage recommendations, scientific research, state/federal regulations, etc.; and
  • desire access to an established infrastructure, as well as the resources and guidance needed to confidently offer CBD therapies to your patients.

Patients taking CBD/hemp oil through our Medical Hemp Program receive a Mindful Dosing Guide and are asked to complete a survey that helps us track their treatment plan, dosage and results. These results can help guide practitioners on how CBD/hemp is working in their patients’ lives and will also be critical in helping to develop new products for specific conditions.

Through our partnership with Integrated Laboratory Solutions, we have access to sophisticated lab testing techniques and technology that allow us to produce quality products that our Medical Hemp partners and customers have come to enjoy.


To Join the Medical Hemp Program,  Please Fill Out Some Basic Information For Us

If you have any questions, please call 910.687.4367 (HEMP)

  • For example, my patients are asking about CBD for arthritis pain relief, or to treat the side effects of chemotherapy, or to help ease anxiety, insomnia or PTSD.